But have you ever considered the benefits of raw cabbage juice? Cabbage is particularly rich in insoluble fiber and beta carotene. In addition, it is packed full of vitamins K, E, C, B1, B6, etc as well as nutrients such as iron, sulphur, magnesium, iodine and calcium, to name a few. The compounds in cabbage are also thought to change the way etrogen is used in the body, reducing the risk of breast cancer as well.

Extra perk? Want more cancer-fighting greens to juice? The selenium found in cabbage juice helps to protect your body from heart disease. In addition, high levels of the essential fatty acid Omega 3 help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and high blood pressure.

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One of the veggies I used to help my ulcer is — you guessed it, cabbage. Even now, I juice this stuff religiously. Raw cabbage is naturally rich in Vitamin U.

On top of all that, raw cabbage juice also targets the specific bacterium that is associated with the cause of peptic ulcers — the dreaded h.

cabbage juice testimonials

Aloe vera is also awesome for gut health! Raw cabbage juice is a powerful natural cure for obesity. It clears the upper section of your intestine and aids the process of digestion.

This is particularly true of red cabbage juice, which is high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Cabbage is well known for the beneficial effects is has on the digestive system. In fact, the lactic acid in cabbage juice acts as a disinfectant in the colon.

Cabbage juice is naturally high in selenium, which helps to combat the symptoms of arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties of cabbage juice are also beneficial in combating a range of other degenerative inflammatory disorders.

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Raw cabbage juice boosts the healing ability of your respiratory tract. Therefore, it is an effective cure for colds and bronchitis, and can be used in the treatment of asthma. Drinking raw cabbage juice means that you will get the glucosinolates you need to rid your body of all damaging hormones and chemicals.

In addition, drinking raw cabbage juice will help to cleanse your liver. The essential amino acids present in raw cabbage juice make it an ideal remedy for treating skin inflammation. The high levels of folic acid in cabbage juice help your body to build new blood cells.

In this way, drinking raw cabbage juice is a healthy and natural way to treat anemia. Cabbage juice can regulate T-cells and fight allergies due to a compound called histidine. This amino acid is involved in the synthesis of white and red blood cells and regulates allergic reactions, inflammation and immune defence.

It so happens that the higher the concentration of histidine in the blood, the slower the release of histamine is from the cells they are stored in. Cabbage juice will do wonders for your skin thanks to the high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals, as well as vitamins such as C, E, and A. This amazing juice can be used to treat acne, dryness, and premature aging.

It also promotes soft, supple skin with a natural glow to it. Cabbage is full of Vitamin K and anthocyanins.Have you been wondering for long how to get a sound health and an appealing look naturally?

Include cabbage juice in your daily diet and you will certainly rediscover yourself within a few days. If you want to take utmost care of your health, nothing can be better than cabbage juice.

Check out some of cabbage juice health benefits here:. Raw cabbage is highly anti-carcinogenic. According to medical experts, the juice of raw green cabbage contains isocyanates, a group of chemical compounds which accelerate the process of estrogen metabolism in your body and help to stay away from breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer. It also speeds up the healing process in cancer patients.

Cabbage works as a great bowel cleanser and hence, cabbage juice is used for treating colitis.

cabbage juice testimonials

It holds two essential minerals — chlorine and sulphur, which are effective in treating inflammation of large intestine and colon. You would experience an unpleasant, foul gas right after drinking the juice. This is important as it indicates that the remedy has started working for you.

Are you trying hard to get rid of those extra kilos? You should opt for raw cabbage juice as it is an excellent natural cure for obesity. Basically, it purifies the upper section of your intestine so that the elimination of waste materials becomes easy and the digestion of food gets facilitated.

Moreover, it does not contain many calories, which is also a big plus for overweight people. Acute ulcers can also be treated with cabbage juice. As said previously, it helps you take great care of your intestine and upper bowel by detoxifying them. The anti-inflammatory property of cabbage juice is also very beneficial.

Raw cabbage is known to have certain essential amino acids, which can help you fight against skin inflammation. Folic acid is one of the most vital constituents of cabbage juice. When it comes to treating anemia, folic acid is considered as an important nutrient as it helps build new blood cells. Therefore, cabbage juice is also used for curing anemia. No matter how much your skin has been damaged, you can always rely on cabbage juice for restoring its natural glow. Here is how this exclusive juice can help you:.

Being a vegetable loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals, cabbage can do wonder for your skin. Both of these help you combat harmful free radicals which cause a number of skin disorders like acne, pimples and blackheads.If you feel you have been helped by this site, please share the message and take a look at the easy ways you can contribute at no financial cost.

Special note: The following information is an anecdote and in no event to be construed as medical advice. See Disclaimer. It was only after my having fully internalized and put into practice this 'injunction' that I was healed. Its use for poultices or packs however is relatively unheard of in modern times, although it seems to have been widely popular in earlier including Roman times.

The first and last medical doctor who applied this knowledge for several decades in the second half of the 19th century was Dr. Anselme Blanc, see Medicinal cabbage leaf poultices Dr.

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Blanc : background on the therapeutic topical application of Brassica oleraceaand Medicinal cabbage leaf poultices Dr. Blanc : tumors cured 1.

I Tried Celery Juice To Cure My Chronic Illness - 1 YEAR UPDATE

The following is the abridged story of a remarkable German woman, Jakobe Jakstein, who fully relied on her own means when she found herself dealing with several tumors which apparently, were of a cancerous nature. And in the process of healing her body, she underwent a remarkable spiritual transformation that greatly advanced the growth of her soul, furnishing us with another inspiring example of how a physical dis-ease can jumpstart a person on the path of accelerated spiritual growth.

When Jakobe discovered the tumors, she already had a long history of treating her own and and her family's ailments by herself, using mostly She was inspired on this maverick path by necessity as well as the fortuitous discovery of the above-quoted book which in detail describes the amazing healing experiences with the humble cabbage leaf made in the 19th century by a French doctor [1]a discovery which saved her father-in-law's life when his physicians had given him up to die.

Jakstein is not unknown in Germany.

cabbage juice testimonials

In addition to writing books on her experiences with natural healing centered around cabbage applications and a natural, no-medications and healthy diet lifestyle, she has received more notoriety for her use of cabbage treatments both as poultices and internally for all kinds of ailments, by appearing as guest in a well-loved German television program, where she testified to the amazing healing power of cabbage leaves.

When I asked her to send me a summary of her personal experience with cancer, to translate and publish on this website, she sent me the following:. That these tumors were indeed cancerous was confirmed by a spiritual healer and two doctors who arrived at the same conclusion after learning my symptoms. I never had a biopsy done. I healed my jaw tumor with a simple ice bag.

While I was cured, I did lose a tooth and a large part of my jaw.

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When months later I developed another tumor behind my eye, I treated it solely with cabbage leaf packs.Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Alobar Greywalker alobar wrote, - 11 - 16 Alobar Greywalker alobar - 11 - 16 Previous Share Flag Next.

First 2 snippets from Oxalate list, the rest are from the URL at end. Many of the testimonials below speak of the stench of raw cabbage juice. I puree cabbage in my liquid salad. The cabbage has a smell, but I find it pleasant and mouth watering. Maybe that is an indication that my body wants me to take in more cabbage.

However, I am hesitant to increase my daily intake due to concerns that too much cabbage may promote formation of goiter. However, I was just exploring raw cabbage and goiter on the internet. I supplement with Iodine every day, so it should be safe for me to take in cabbage daily. So I guess I shall double the cabbage in my next batch of liquid salad I make.

Cabbage juice was the main treatment for ulcers before mainstream medicine took over. Those with thyroid issues should however limit how much they consume for extended periods due to goitrogen factor.

I have to say that cabbage juice I made is really helping my stomach over past two days. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site.

Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history. My doctor suggested cabbage as a remedy. Due to my digestive challenges I can't eat raw veggies - would I benefit from boiling cabbage and drinking the water almost like a tea I would suppose?

cabbage juice testimonials

Thank you!Edited 2 weeks ago52 users are following. Some doctors cured their patients of ulcers in the mid 20th century with cabbage juice. Supposedly they got some relief after 4 days and most of them were cured after days. Here is how to proceed: one has to drink ml of fresh cabbage juice 5 times a day, so every 3 hours. I am going to mix mine with one apple in the morning if I can take the acidity of the appleand other vegetables carrots, spinach, celeri, fennel the rest of the day to make it more tasty.

Posted 6 years ago.

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I started this morning with one red apple and half a red cabbage. I think the apple is too acidic for me, but I drank a glass of alkaline water afterward and it was fine. It actually tastes almost good with the apple. Next one will be at 11 am with carrots this time.

I am going to eat meals as well not sure if this is the right way to do it but I can't live on juices only for a weekI am avoiding anything irritating and do the low-acid low-fat diet. They are working very well, I am halfway cured, I guess I will keep taking them. It did not taste so bad mixed with one apple or carrots but I felt really crappy after taking it.

In the evening I seriously considered stopping the experiment. But this morning my stomach pain I usually have at night and in the morning was not there. These last days I was waking up every night because of stomach pain, not very strong but annoying enough. So I will do one more day. I did a second day of cabbage juice and I don't have any stomach pain anymore, and no excess acid either.

I slept my first complete night since many months, it is a great feeling! I don't feel the need to continue the cure but I will keep taking a glass of cabbage juice every now and then I still have two cabbages in my fridge. Posted 18 months ago. I don't ferment it. I don't see any benefit in fermenting it, it might loose some components and become more acidic, which is not recommended for stomach problems.

I felt awful during and after the cabbage juice cure as cabbage interferes with the thyroid felt really tired, cold, bad breath, I had constant pain in the stomach that disappeared. I really think it is helpful if you are prepared to feel awful for a few days and if you don't have thyroid problems.

The low acid diet I followed was inspired from the book by Dr Koufman "dropping acid" with the difference that I gave up milk products and reduced salt. You might want to check the book "Ulcer free!However, often it is useful to visualize the entire table in a single graph. Stub-and-Banner tables, or Banners for short, are a way to display several two-way tables in a compressed form.

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Cabbage Cures testimonials

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Tumors healed thanks to cabbage leaf poultices

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I am starting a cabbage juice cure to treat my gastritis. Anyone wants to try with me?


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Cabbage Juice Benefits: From Cancer-Fighting Compounds to Boosting Gut Health

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