SinceTelma has been the world leader in frictionless braking systems based on the physical principle of electromagnetic induction. Telma's unique expertise in the field of induction braking systems has been built on over seventy years of presence in the market. During this time Telma managed to establish the industry standards and make a difference in its area of expertise. Since its inception, Telma has significantly contributed to the improvement of road safety.

Telma has been actively lobbying and campaigning around the world to promote recognition of the importance of the integration of retarders in vehicles designed for the transportation of passengers and goods. The Telma induction braking system product range includes more than retarder variations for road vehicles, providing braking torques of Nm to Nm.

Designed to be mounted on driveshafts, gearboxes or drive axles, this wide range provides solutions to a large variety of vehicle configurations Webstore Product Registration Drawing Request.

Telma News. Telma Events Trade Show Events. Telma Retarder, Inc.Safety Savings Comfort Environment. During so-called service braking, the energy to be dissipated to slow down or stop a vehicle with a conventional braking system is so important that the components of the braking system, including the brake linings, undergo significant heating, which accelerates wear. Telma retarders ensure the vehicle's braking needs. Vehicles equipped with a Telma retarder can multiply the lifespan of their service braking system up to ten times: maintenance costs are therefore greatly reduced and operational availability is increased.

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The exceptional reaction time of Telma retarders prevents excessive fuel consumption during fast switches between deceleration and acceleration phases. Telma retarders never operate against the engine: they can instantly stop producing braking torque upon driver's request.

The recognized quality, reliability and durability of Telma retarders make them a profitable investment that quickly pays for itself and, by extending the vehicle's braking ability, they increase the average operational speed. Webstore Product Registration Drawing Request. Telma Retarder, Inc.Telma in China. Telma in North America. The role of a Telma electromagnetic retarder is to ensure endurance braking. An equipped vehicle has the advantage to reduce pressure on his brakes and consequently eliminate the risks associated to service brake overheating.

Therefore, using a Telma retarder is synonym of safety and comfort for the driver as well as for his passengers.

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In addition, using a retarder is also a source of savings since it significantly reduces operating costs: frequency of brake pads replacement potentially divided by 8; reduced maintenance costs, and increased vehicle availability.

Last, using a Telma retarder is beneficial to the environment : indeed, there is no hydraulic circuit drain and no emission of particulate pollutants harmful to health. Yes, the Telma retarder is particularly efficient at low speed. This is the reason why it is the best solution for urban or stop-and-go type uses.

The full stop of the vehicle is still completed by the service brakes. The Telma retarder does not need to shut off when hot: it has sufficient cooling capacity, provided by the air flowing through its rotors, whose design is specific to this purpose. In addition, the retarder is selected based on the vehicle specifications so that, regardless of the Telma retarder temperature, it will remain efficient and fulfil its function. No, the Telma retarder cannot catch fire, even in the event of intense solicitation.

As any braking system, the Telma retarder transforms the energy dispersed during braking into heat. Consequently, a few installation provisions are recommended depending on conditions of use. Manuals, a list of spare parts, or information on Telma products and retarders are available from partner agents listed on our website.

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You can also contact the Telma technical service or the Telma commercial service via the online questionnaire. The Telma retarder does not require any maintenance. However, Telma recommends periodic visual checks. However, please note that when hot, the retarder remains efficient and fulfils its function. The Telma retarder can be used regardless of the road condition.

It is designed to withstand severe external stresses. Please note that in the event of repeated use in severe conditions, Telma recommends increasing the frequency of visual checks.

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The Telma retarder is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and severe weather conditions. The full integration of Telma retarders with electronic driver assistance systems guarantees the absence of risk associated with the use of a Telma retarder, regardless of the road grip conditions. No, a Telma retarder will not be the cause of premature tire wear. Tire wear is primarily due to a driver's driving style that would overuse the braking system, and not to the use of the retarder.

It is totally possible to install a Telma retarder on a vehicle in use. No: there is no risk of losing the manufacturer warranty, provided that installation has been made by a dealer of the vehicle brand or by a Telma agent who will be required to provide documents certifying the compliance of the installation.

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Customer area. History - Key Dates - Detailed History. Partners - OEM - Distributors. Advantages of Telma Retarders. Telma Worldwide Find a distributor. Telma Retarder on board Find a Telma equipped vehicle. Telma Testing Laboratory Discover our test services Types of tests Contact Us.Telma in China.

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Telma in North America. The Telma retarder offers unique passenger or transport vehicle performance in terms of comfort, safety, savings, and environment. This device ensures unparalleled performances in all vehicles, including the most recent. The unique characteristics of Telma retarders ensure outstanding results in numerous industrial applications.

For more details on their advantages, please refer to the section titled "Advantages of Telma retarders". With large construction projects emerging everywhere, the highly competitive market of truck cranes has expanded significantly. For these large size vehicles, the difference lies in their levels of safety, reliability, and durability. The major brands in this sector, with vehicles weighing over tons, trust the Telma retarder that offers exceptional benefits in terms of safety and robustness.

Waste trucks are voluminous and subject to frequent and sudden "stop and go" stops; Telma retarders are perfectly adapted to this type of vehicle.

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Numerous local communities are aware of the unique advantages of Telma retarders and require that their waste trucks be equipped with them for optimal budget management. Because of their significant weight and frequent stops, armoured vehicles' service brakes are subject to rapid breakdown. They are quiet and non-polluting and help in reducing the environmental impact of armoured vehicles circulating in urban areas.

As is the case for any emergency vehicle, ambulances must be capable of moving at high speed through dense traffic. Improving safety and comfort for patients and for response teams is crucial for this type of vehicle.

The benefits of Telma retarders in terms of safety and comfort, as well as their economical and environmental advantages, have largely contributed to its success on this type of vehicle, including in the particularly demanding English market. The leading manufacturers of conventional or specific construction trucks designed for mining operations, whether underground or open pit, offer the option to equip their vehicles with Telma retarders. This enhancement provides significant endurance braking complement to such vehicles, particularly useful when transporting heavy loads down steep slopes.

Telma retarders spare service brakes and increase the safety of the mining crews. Tractors are not exclusively designed for farming needs.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Contact Load Low Power. Power Electronic. BusinessType China telma retarder. Best selling telma electromagnetic brake retarder for China Yutong higer and kinglong bus.

Contact Supplier. Hot sale original factory high quality Yutong Kinglong Bus brake retarder Bus parts telma retarder. Please provide the yutong item number or model number. Please take a clear picture send to us.

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Please contact us for more questions! Eddy current dynamometer retarder same as Telma retarder.

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Telma technology electromagnetic retarder Nm. Original factory bus eddy current retarder same as Telma retarder.

Retarder rotor coil for universal bus parts. Brake eddy current retarder for motorcycle dynamometer testing system. Chassis dynamometer retarder for brake testing system KA air cooled eddy current dynamometer retarder is designed based on the domestic automobile testing equipment. Mainly application in motorcycle chassis dynamometer, chassis dynamometer, emission loading equipment, motor vehicles, as well as teaching test demonstration instrument used as a load and torque measurement.

Eddy current brake retarder for Yutong higer kinglong Chinese bus.The Telma induction braking systems are highly appreciated for their numerous benefits.

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A Telma retarder significantly increases the safety of a vehicle for the peace of mind and comfort of the driver and passengers. The support to deceleration operations increases the reliability of the basic brake systems that become available and effective in case of emergency. Moreover, using a Telma retarder generates cost reductions, specifically reducing costs related to pad and disc replacement, which results in a real source of savings for each mile traveled.

Last, Telma induction brakes have no negative impact on the environment : their operation does not generate any pollutant emissions, thus reducing health risks associated with fine particles. The electromagnetic technology guarantees unequalled instantaneous availability and full braking power provided by the Telma retarder, regardless of the vehicles speed. Vehicles equipped with a Telma retarder can multiply the lifespan of their service braking system up to ten times.

Telma induction brakes have no negative impact on the environment : their operation does not generate any pollutant emissions, thus reducing health risks associated with fine particles.

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Safety The electromagnetic technology guarantees unequalled instantaneous availability and full braking power provided by the Telma retarder, regardless of the vehicles speed. Savings Vehicles equipped with a Telma retarder can multiply the lifespan of their service braking system up to ten times. Comfort The complete lack of friction makes Telma retarders totally silent in all conditions of use. Environment Telma induction brakes have no negative impact on the environment : their operation does not generate any pollutant emissions, thus reducing health risks associated with fine particles.

Thank you for Subscribe to our Newsletter.For applications that do not require stall-speed loading, an air-cooled eddy-current absorber is usually the most cost-effective electric absorber you can buy. Its self-cooled rotors require no external water supply or resistor banks. It also costs less than our planetary-driven water brakes and allows far more design flexibility than hydraulic pumps. See Specifications or Models and Prices pages.

Loading when using these controls is adjustable — both manually using either its panel knob or the built-in volt analog control input or automatically via the non-analog PID-controlled leads from the DYNOmite data-acquisition computer. Everything, including the absorber, load control, and DYNOmite data-acquisition computer, can be run off of a large truck battery. Generator-based systems are also available, for performing longer duration testing than batteries may allow.

Perfect for torque reaction cradles where the higher inertia of an electronic absorber compared to that of a water brake is not an issue. Watch Micro-Eddy video! The keyed-shaft units are most commonly supported between a pair of pillow-block bearings. Alternatively, optional flat-flange models couple to matching bolt-pattern driveshaft U-joint assemblies. Need parts for an old eddy-current dyno? As a manufacturer of eddy-current dyno absorbers, we can often repair otherwise obsolete units.

Custom hybrid configurations can be designed using a combination of both a fast electronic absorber, typically an AC motor for great low-end torque control, together with a large eddy-current absorber. The latter inexpensively adds testing power and torque capacity. An AC absorber can also add motoring ability. Please call for more information.

Our larger eddy-current absorbers feature Zerk grease fittings for easier maintenance. These features are combined into a well-proven design — and one which strives to minimize both the cost and quantity of any, proprietary, moving wear parts. The end result is that costly testing-equipment maintenance and downtime becomes a non-issue. Call for immediate assistance in developing your own unique eddy-current absorber testing solution - or e-mail tech land-and-sea.

We have years of wide-ranging experience building one-off testing solutions or retrofitting older hardware with modern load control. Initial cold rotor torque foot-pounds and power Hp curves are for room-temperature rotors.